Bridge the Financing Gap with Tri-State Credit

Based in southern New Jersey, Tri-State Credit Corporation is an automobile financing company that specializes in sub-prime financing. Tri-State gives reputable auto dealerships a more flexible option for their below-prime contracts.

Tri-State finances sub-prime loans at competitive rates between 12.9% and 24.9% (depending on the credit quality of the buyer). As a result, auto dealerships are able to offer more appealing financing options to their sub-prime customers — and close more sales.

Why Partner with Tri-State?

Generally, the car dealerships that partner with Tri-State are looking for a financing partner who can help them:

  • Provide non-prime buyers with better financing options.
  • Consistently increase monthly car sales, closing up to five to six more sales per month.
  • Improve the likelihood of reaching monthly sales targets.

When considering whether to finance a loan, Tri-State uses broader financing criteria than the national banks. In addition, Tri-State uses account managers — rather than machines — to quickly evaluate each loan application.

By combining common sense with its financing guidelines, Tri-State is able to make smarter and more flexible loan decisions for its dealerships.

Start Closing More Below-Prime Customers

To discuss how Tri-State Credit can help you finance more customers, please contact us at
856-262-3390 or