It is important that you notify us at if you have a change of address, telephone number or change in employment.

You can email us during normal business hours at to obtain the following information regarding your loan.  You should receive a written response within 48 hours of your request.

  • Account Number – You can also refer to your loan documents.
  • Payment History
  • Change your Payment Due Date
  • Loan Payoff Amount
  • Copy of your Retail Installment Sale Agreement
    • Is there a pre-payment penalty if I decide to pay my loan off early?

No. There is no penalty if you pay off your loan early.

    • When do I have to pay the $10 late fee?

Your payment must post to your account on or before the 10th day of your grace period. Please allow time for the delivery of your payment by mail. NOTE: PAYMENTS ARE APPLIED TO YOUR ACCOUNT IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER: DUE FEES, DUE INTEREST, DUE PRINCIPAL. If your payment is late, or your account has assessed other fees please include due fees with your regular payment.

    • What is the maximum deductible amount allowed for Comprehensive and Collision Coverage insurance coverage on the vehicle?

As stated in your finance agreement you must have full Comprehensive and Collision coverage on the vehicle with Tri-State Credit listed as lienholder with deductibles of $1,000 or less at all times. All drivers of the vehicle must be listed as authorized drivers on the policy.  You must notify us immediately if and when you switch carriers.  You can fax us at 856-839-4206 or email us at

    • My finance agreement states: To secure what I owe you under this Agreement, I give you what is known as a security interest in the Collateral.  What does that mean?

The vehicle you purchased is the collateral for the amount of money you borrowed, which your monthly payments are applied to including interest. Tri-State Credit holds the title for the collateral (vehicle) until you have satisfied the balance of your loan. Once you have paid the balance of the amount you owe, the title for the vehicle (State of New Jersey) and a copy of your satisfied Retail Installment Sale Agreement for the collateral will be forwarded to you.

    • I looked up my credit report and my loan with Tri-State Credit was not listed, why?

Tri-State Credit reports to Experian Credit Bureau monthly.  Please include Experian when requesting your credit.

    • I financed $5,000 and I made 20 payments of $250.00.  Why do I still owe money?

The amount you financed is subject to interest.  Refer to your Retail Installment Agreement where you will see the Annual Percentage Rate assessed to your loan along with the total Finance Charge which is the dollar amount the credit will cost you over the term of your loan.